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Along with all of the code requirements associated with an elevator modernization (or upgrade), there are specific building system upgrades that are required by code in conjunction with your elevator modernization projects and/or items that go along with the modernization that the elevator companies do not typically cover.

Summit VT Solutions works hand-in-hand with your elevator service/modernization provider to integrate these upgrades to pass jurisdictional recertification upon project completion.

These items listed but not limited to:


  • Provide self-closing, self-locking 1 1/2 hour rated access door
  • Provide ABC rated fire extinguisher mounted to machine room wall next do access door
  • Install guarding on machine room lights
  • New and/or increased lighting (19 foot candles at the floor level)
  • Provide battery powered emergency lighting
  • The entire room must be fire rated with no penetrations
  • Cover or remove existing non-elevator duct and pipe
  • Provide AC/Heating to machine room (60-95 degrees; 80% humidity; non-condensing)
  • Cover existing venting to hoistway (often in machine room floor on traction cars)
  • Provide fire rated duct from hoistway vents to outside
  • Patch holes in walls and floors
  • Relocate existing disconnects to line of sight of machines
  • Provide additional disconnects if previous condition cannot be met
  • Replace existing disconnects: fused, lockable
  • Provide 110VAC fuse, lockable disconnects (one per car) for cab lights
  • Provide wiring from disconnects (main and 110vac) to elevator controller
  • Provide 110VAC GFCI outlets in machine room
  • Run telephone line in metal conduit to elevator controller
  • Provide smoke detector(s); quantity based on size of room and coverage
  • Provide heat detector for sprinklers, mounted within 24² of each sprinkler head
  • Monitor heat detector power at fire alarm control panel (failure to cause signal)
  • Provide shunt trip on Mainline disconnects(s), tie into heat detectors


  • Provide smoke vents at the top of shafts to the outside with motorized damper
  • Provide smoke detectors at each landing: non-resetting, tied to general alarm
  • Provide smoke detector(s) at the top of shaft(s) where applicable
  • Provide audible/visual smoke annunciator panel
  • Provide heat detector for sprinkler(s) at the top of shaft(s), within 24² of each head
  • Patch holes in hoistway to provide fire rated enclosure
  • Cut walls for installation of new fixtures
  • Patch/redecorate walls after installation of new fixtures
  • Provide NEMA 4 guarded light and switch in each pit (10 foot candles)
  • Provide 110VAC GFCI protected outlet in pit
  • Provide metal ladder extending 42² above floor level at each entrance to pit
  • Provide 110VAC outlet to pit sump pump (non-GFI)
  • Provide metal cover on sump hole securely attached
  • Replace sump pump
  • Waterproof pits with epoxy solution to prevent the intrusion of water

*please note building system upgrades can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.